FBI-SPY is a non-profit site for those serious about fan body identity. Updated daily this is your hub to in-house and off-site content that is critically aware rather than frivolously indulged. The FBI-SPY site is fun ... if serious is the new fun.
FBI-SPY was created as a resource for the study of fan body identity, whether that is college students or students of life. The proliferation of fan discourse on and offline has increased the need for a critical sieve that promotes the fine, refines the interesting and separates the lumps.
FBI-SPY links you to that material by reading it, reflecting on it, and finally offering a fresh summary on it.

Trust FBI-SPY to refer you to free access papers, articles and media. Publishers of pay-to-view material, here is your chance to unlock sample papers or abstracts with samples. However, FBI-SPY will not recommend links that are not free access.
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FBI-SPY is updated daily and this means that new links tend to be links to fresh material. If you know of great material that FBI-SPY should recommend, age is no bar to its inclusion.

FBI-SPY is ordered chronologically by publication date. So newly published material will be linked at the top of the page. The material is also listed under the themes of fan body and identity. There are drop down menus under these themes carrying the fresher material. The themes also have discreet pages where the material is further sorted into papers and articles, audio and film media, exhibition and book reviews.

Publishers of books on fan body identity related areas wishing to organise book reviews or competitions should get in contact where they have not already done so. 

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