Antenna: the Future Starts Here

Antenna sniffs out the socio-cultural trends as they relate to fashion body identity

Those amazed or even taken aback by China’s skyrocketing e-commerce data should not only take note of how much the PRC is buying online, but how it’s buying 

SXSW Interactive conference 
Key takeaways for the fashion industry

Has Logo Fatigue Reached a Tipping Point?
What does it mean when Louis Vuitton, the world’s largest luxury brand, shifts its focus away from the very trademarks on which its success has been built? READ ON

Localization Asia  
Innovation in Asia, by Asia, for Asia set for rapid growth in 2013 and beyond READ ON

US Designers like Chinese Style 'Shangpin currently sells into more than 400 cities across China and has a pulse on the evolving Chinese consumer'  READ ON

Mi Casa es tu Casa 
South and Central American consumers are optimistic about the future and their ability to shape it READ ON

Faith Popcorn: Singledom as Aspiration New single role models will emerge to set the social standard. In the future even the president will be single READ ON

Bespoke clothes take over as the real fashion luxury 
The Duchess of Cambridge and Cameron Diaz are just two of the A-list names embracing bespoke over designer labels READ ON

Led by China, New Markets to Continue to Drive Luxury Growth 
The European luxury goods sector will continue to expand over the next five years at 6-7 percent READ ON

What Africa Can Teach Us About the Future of Banking  
Can Kenya’s explosive mobile money market and wondering if its success can be replicated in new markets, including those of the prosperous West? READ ON

Authenticity Out, Hoboism In 
Fact plus fiction, ‘hoboism’ and brand tie-ups set to change marketing READ ON

Past 15 Years Red Carpet Trends 
Online archive of Oscar looks VIEW

The Problem with Trends 
'We are so exhausted by overload that we just don't have a way to process anything new,' says trend analyst Marian Salzman READ ON

What makes a trend? 
Forecasting Is a growing industry. With the turnover in trends now faster than ever, we are in the middle of a macrotrend for microtrends READ ON