On Monday's show, Big Brother producers issued a formal warning to one of the contestants who had expressed a range of sexual preferences. This warning was high-handed and unjustly penalises the contestant, effectively barring her right to express a preference. The contestant had previously expressed this preference in the VT shown prior to her entrance into the BB house. She contextualised her preference by stating that it was not an indicator of her beliefs about race.

I am considering organising a boycott of all Big Brother advertiser products, and those of affiliated partners, until such time as BB reverses its formal warning and issues an unreserved apology to this contestant.

Although Big Brother is clearly intended as an ironic reference to George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984, the producers nevertheless performatively enact the prohibition on thought crimes, this episode of 'sex crime' being the latest. While clearly race is a serious issue which leads to very real patterns of inequality, discrimination and economic deprivation, Big Brother's treatment of this contestant effectively demeans its own useful anti-racist stance, and provides weapons for those who do not agree that political correctness serves an important community value. 

I look forward to your comments.
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