David Bowie Strange Fascination Symposium:
Presentation to Presentation
A full score of papers were presented on the Dame at the University of Limerick.  As befits their subject, the topics were diverse, ranging from questions of identity to questions of authorship.  Little wonder the organisers decided not to theme the sessions.  So here they are -- as summaries, key points, pull-out quotes and links -- in no other order than the one in which they were given.  Sit back, enjoy ... put on some tunes.
PAGE 1 Kathryn Johnson: There is no authoritative voice.
Ayten Deniz Tepeli, Busra Yalcinoz & Yasemin Tabbikha: Everything’s Falling Into Place
Mehdi Derfoufi: The unbearable lightness of being
Paul Fuller: David Bowie, Buddhist Modernism and Charismatic Charms
PAGE 2 Tiffany Naiman: Art’s Filthy Lesson: Bowie, Baudrillard and Aesthetic Degradation
Barish Ali: David Bowie and Literary Studies, A Reflection on Postmodern Pedagogy
Stephanie Piotrowski & Bethany Usher: Turn myself to face me
Ana Leorne: Dear Dr. Freud - David Bowie hits the couch

PAGE 3 Hans Peter Frühauf: ‘Philip is that you?’ Who is David Bowie?
Ian Chapman: From David Bowie to Diamond Dogs: the obfuscation of self
Tanja Stark: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous
Helene Thian: Moss Garden, Kansai Yamamoto and David Bowie
PAGE 4 Dene October: The (becoming-wo)Man Who Fell to Earth
Julie Lobalzo Wright: The Extraordinary Rock Star as Film Star
Paul McCullagh: Time May Change Me: Alone in Berlin 2011
Richard Fitch: Caricature as Apolitical Style

PAGE 5 Vanessa Garcia: David Bowie in 21st Century Literature and the Art of Surfacing
Richard Mills: The Influence of Vince Taylor and Syd Barrett
William Garvin: David Bowie & TS Eliot
Sam Coley: Bowie's Waiata Radio documentary, memory and fandom



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