David Bowie is ... Doctor Who?
I'm writing a piece on Bowie and Doctor Who and wanted to canvas your thoughts.


There are so many links between the two. As public figures, they were given creative birth in the 1960s where they reflected the Mod and psychedelic themes of the time, went glam in the 1970s, where they arguably reached a creative peak, got a bit old in the 1980s, briefly reignited in the 1990s and were totally reborn, after a long period of retirement, in the new century. There has been a lot of press speculation on Bowie playing Sharaz Jek in 1984, a musician-kidnapper in the new series, scoring a soundtrack and even playing the central character of The Doctor. And of course, Bowie songs have been played on the show as well as referred to (Water of Mars, for example).


I am asking both Bowie fans and Whovians the following questions. It may well be that you cross into both camps - shall we call you Whowies or Bovians? (I wander how many Whovians are also Bowie fans… like me).


Please do share with me the following:


1. what kind of Doctor would Bowie have made? what characteristics and costume should he have worn? what would be his catchphrase (Matt Smith's was Geronimo)?


2. what kind of villain would you cast Bowie as?


3. what would a Bowie composition for the programme sound like?


Please just write as much as you like. Be as positive or dismissive as you wish…. it is your view after all. If I use your comment, I'll refer to you by your user name.


(Do let me know if you are a fan of both).


So many thanks,



   POLL .. 
Would David Bowie have made an interesting lead in Doctor Who?
  1. Yes, in his frock coat and bipperty bopperty hat, he would have been unearthly.
  2. No, that's not how I wanna watch that man
  3. Not the Doctor, but maybe a villain ... a mannequin with kill appeal
  4. No, but he should write the soundtrack ... "blue, blue, TARDIS blue"
  5. With his 'lectric eye on me babe .. he'd make a great Master. You will obey me!
  6. Doctor Who? Paaah! He's already a starman waiting in the sky ...