You promised me the ending would be clear, sings Bowie at the end of his album Reality.  No one warned him of the academic conferences, museum retrospectives or oral history projects .. . And no one warned us he was about to reappear. Even better: what a great time for a Bowie retrospective!

Put a Peephole in my Brain: Two New Pence to Have a Go
David Bowie is the strange fascination of an academic symposium in Limerick, a V&A retrospective and FBI-spy's oral history research project. Time to hang him on your wall, huh?     READ ON

He's a Dodo?  No No.  Didn't Hear it From Us
He’s been a major figure for the last forty years. Figure? Read figures (plural)!  FBI-spy reviews the David Bowie Strange Fascination symposium. READ ON

Strange Fascination Symposium: Presentation to Presentation
A full score of papers were presented on the singer at the University of Limerick.  As befits their subject, the topics were diverse, ranging from questions of identity to questions of authorship.  

David Bowie Changed My Life
FBIspy asked about his influence on your life and you answered. A small army of  researchers conducted interviews and analysed the results. Here are the results then, of how David Bowie changed your life.  

Bowie and Notions of Gender, Truth and Artifice in Dress
Has the gender focus placed on Bowie’s dress been overstated? Ziggy Stardust’s appearance owed much more to Japanese kabuki theatre and its tradition of onnagata, than to Western forms of cross-dressing, especially in its latter days.  READ ON

David Bowie’s Style Decades
Danny Lewis's book claims that Bowie's restless reinvention is what has kept us enthralled for so long. But is this evidence of his style, as the title of the book puts it, or of his serial style appropriations?  READ ON

David Bowie Is
V&A exhibition review  READ ON

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