Doctor of Philosophy:
Dr Who @ 50 course materials 

With the classic BBC television programme celebrating its golden jubilee, what better excuse to study it? Here are the materials to the Dr Who @ 50 course, currently running at University of Arts London. Borrowing approaches and perspectives from philosophy and visual theory, the course is an engaging and mind-expanding study of the Whoniverse, an academic sugared pill (just what the Doctor ordered).

Each lecture tracks the programme across practices of production, dissemination and consumption, identifying key debates in theory and recommending key stories. You are encouraged to consider the relationship between programme and ideas under discussion. Don't be afraid to personalise things, bringing your Doctor and your own particular interest to the course structure. Whether it's Matt Smith’s ‘cool’ bowtie, Dalek xenophobia or the impact of der dum de dum on popular music, there is something here for all Whovians. And fifty years of material to focus on, from television episodes, scripts, theme music, sound effects, costume, title sequence design, comic/book renderings, and fan output. 

All aboard the Whoniversity TARDIS. Vroop Vworp!

First Encounters: The Sonic Experience 

Timey Wimey Narratology: Back, Forward, Sideways

Space Time Continuum: Doctor Who and Colonialism 

Who Matters? Character, Author, Spectator 

Enter the Cosmic Fool: Costume, Character, Spectacle 
Exterminating the Abject: Monstrous and Modified Bodies 

Being (Post)Human: Humanity, Enhancement and Other Discourses of the Body

Be a Dear and Put the Kettle on! Companionship, Family, Gender, Sexuality 

Trust Me I'm the Doctor: Death, Ressurection and the Mythic Hero