Television techniques have progressed since the classic series. Genre's have been blurred, and  hybridised, while improving technologies mean that even the most inexpensive equipment can create something aesthetically pleasing, surprising and frightening. For the audience it means a much more sophisticated viewing experience. On the other hand, perhaps one of the best episodes of Doctor Who uses minimal techniques pulling back from the now
routine CGI basis of the show. 'Blink' is an exciting and unparalleled ride and introduces one of the most frightening antagonists on the show to date. Creating a genuinely frightening villain on a family orientated show is no easy task; add to the mix the problem that this audience is jaded from effects overkill. So why are the weeping angels so chilling? Although there is more than one explanation for the ghost-like fear the angels evoke, the foremost explanation is that we never see them move on screen. As human beings, we are frightened of the things we are encouraged to imagine. As children we know that many monstrosities wait until it is dark to get at us. As ‘Blink’ makes clear, you cannot defend yourself against something you cannot see coming.