Having seen handmade costumes and effects from older episodes of Doctor Who, it is hard to understand how they were experienced as scary. With the reboot of Doctor Who in 2005, ‘The Empty Child’ was the first episode that recreated that classic feeling of wanting to watch the show from ‘behind the sofa’ for the newer, younger audience. The entire episode makes the viewer feel uncomfortable with the use of its dark setting during the London Blitz, weird camera angles and, above all, the gas-mask-wearing child asking
‘Are you my mummy?’ in a monotonous, emotionless voice.
  The episode makes the viewer feel uncomfortable and confused because the child appears to be human and is asking such a simple question, appearing so sweet and innocent but at the same time terrifying because of the mask. You cannot see his face or even tell whether the question is actually coming from the child’s mouth. There’s confusion as to whether to call it a him or call him an it. It is this unsettling feeling about someone you would naturally want to help that ushers the viewer into the space of previous generations, back ‘behind the sofa’.