The women in Doctor Who tend to be quite weak and lack voice, unless they are shrieking in fear. Barbara is initially humoured, but not really taken seriously, even though she shows herself to be observant and investigative. In the episode, The Expedition, things change. This is the first time we see Barbara wearing trousers, literally and figuratively, and demanding her voice be heard. She begins to question, interrupt and argue with Ian to get him to see her point of view, shaking off some of the chauvinism and asserting independence
in providing after her own well-being. This is also the beginning of her strong relationship with the Doctor who is impressed with Barbara’s
common sense when they are trying to convince Ian to get the Thals to fight with them, admitting to her “I’ve underestimated you.” He will continue to express his admiration for her throughout her time on the series. Here Barbara shows initiative and be­friends the Thals, inspiring their leader Ganatus with a plan to get into the city, even bravely insisting that she accompanies the men on the dangerous trek, willing to fight alongside them against the Daleks.