In the mid 1970s the BBC repeated the film Daleks Invasion Earth 2050 AD starring Peter Cushing. My Doctor was Jon Pertwee, but I loved this interloper with wing-mirror cheekbones. Cushing’s second big screen starring role as remains my favourite childhood memory of Doctor Who. I was eight years old and still remember the excitement I felt as the Red Command Dalek snapped in his computer-voice ‘Resist and you will be exterminated’. My friends and I were so
impressed by the Red Command Dalek that we invented games with cunning elaborate escapes from the malevolent metal killer. However, my strategy was the most cunning. The Northern Irish amusement arcade
Barry’s (Northern Ireland’s Disney), had as its pride of place a Red Commando Dalek which one could climb into, operate the controls and simulate the experience of being a Dalek. After the Daleks’ imminent invasion of earth, I would occupy the red Dalek; infiltrate their ranks: they would fail to detect my ruse; and earth’s resistance would be aided by my cunning subterfuge. The memory is as lucid as the red fascist Dalek itself; and has bequeathed me with the lasting conviction that Peter Cushing is the Doctor.