My Key Moment from Doctor Who

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            An Unearthly Child 1963 Susan’s Unearthly Dance

            An Unearthly Child 1963 TARDIS Materialises for the First Time
            The Forest of Fire 1963 Death Stalks the Travellers

            The Daleks 1964 Barbara Wears the Trousers

             Flashpoint 1964 Walk a Mile in Susan's Shoes

             Desperate Measures 1965 It's a Man in a Monster Costume

             Daleks Invasion Earth 2050 AD 1966 The Red Command Dalek

             The Tenth Planet 1966 Far from Over

             The Power of the Daleks 1966 The Doctor gets a New Face 

             Rose 2005 Bigger on the Inside

             The Empty Child 2005 Back Behind the Sofa 

             Doomsday 2006 A Bittersweet Goodbye

             Blink 2007 Don’t Blink

             Silence in the Library 2008 Spoilers

             The Waters of Mars 2009 The Doctor Intervenes and Goes too Far

             An Adventure in Space and Time 2013 First Doctor sees the Future