1966, and the BBC announce the replacement of William Hartnell due to ill health. In the early days of TV it was common for actors to change and viewers were used to this convention. Patrick Troughton (Hartnell’s successor) was himself replaced by Richard Greene as Robin Hood (The Adventures of Robin Hood, 1955) and still guest-appeared alongside him. But the producers of Doctor Who weren’t simply replacing Hartnell, they envisioned a whole new Doctor. Patrick had watched the programme with his family, and initially thought no one could replace Billy and get away with it.  "Of course I'll take the role" he said, believing it would all be over in six weeks. His nervousness is apparent in the tightness of his face in his first performance: The Power of the Daleks. In the words of his son Michael he was a humble man, who never thought his portrayal of The Doctor would be so fondly remembered, but this young viewer was totally taken in by the change and believed, yes, he was the Doctor …just a more loveable favourite Uncle type of Doctor. Patrick saved Doctor Who for every fan to come, because without him the show would have ended in 1966.