‘We can’t hide in a wooden box.’ Desperately shaking the lock on the obstructing gate keeping her from safety, terrified, Rose follows the Doctor in to the blue police box, the sound of alarm bells signalling the danger she faces. Her facial expression changes to one of shock, her eyes move around the space still unrevealed to the viewer. She exits the box, continuing to inspect, she circles it looking for an answer to what she has just seen. Rose re-enters the vast
space, and we follow her this time: much bigger than that of the object on the outside. The doctor spells it out for her: Time and Relative Dimension in Space. The Actual dimensions have never been specified. The
ship is designed to change its outside appearance in order to fit in to the environment, but takes the form of a police box because of a fault that occurred in Doctor Who, An Unearthly Child.   I was too young to see that the first time around. But at whatever point you enter the programme, your first sight of the TARDIS as a viewer is the deal maker that keeps you watching.