Our first sight of Susan immediately communicates her strangeness, one that has already been alluded to by her teachers. Susan appears in shot listening to some pop music on her radio and dancing in a strange and fluid fashion. It is her movement that immediately illustrates something strange and mysterious about her nature. We watch her as she performs these eerie dance movements absorbed in the music. This is a very powerful image, one that cements the idea that there is certainly something ‘unearthly’ about this young girl and
prompts the audience curiosity about the cause of this strange behaviour. The strength of this visual introduction to Susan, combined with her teachers’ observations, makes her a character that we immediately want to know more about. Even before we meet her, through her teachers, we learn about her advanced intellectual abilities, Chesterton even going so far as to comment that Susan ‘knows more science than he will ever know’.
The mystery surrounding her address, or rather non-existent address, adds to the enigma. All these doubts and queries weigh upon us when that classroom door opens at Cole Hill School, and there is Susan dancing her ‘Unearthly’ dance.