With the introduction of new companion Vicki (Maureen O'Brien) to freshen things up, the last thing you’d expect is the kind of naval-gazing intratextuality that preoccupies the programme in the 1980s. But the backward glance at an entire broadcast year has already proved too tempting. Barbara and Ian nod ironically at recurring tropes and plotlines, the Daleks return as archvillains, the fourth wall is breached at least twice
and the tensions of maintaining a relationship with textbook history inevitably draws the odd metatextual comment. Perhaps the most familiar device is that of
man-in-costume as monster as embodied by the plodding circular feet of the Sensorites and the does-it-ever-come-off? wetsuit of the Voord. So when Koquillion enters the scene – in what looks like a future reference to Predator (1987) – he is just another actor in a cheap suit (actually one of costume designer Daphne Dare's better efforts). And that’s exactly what he turns out to be. The plot hangs on a self- referential twist: Koquillion, who dresses to kill in an attempt to evade the law, is really the marooned astronaut Bennett (Ray Barrett). It’s a man in a monster costume and we knew it all along … right?