The Man with the Golden Shirt [ARTICLE] India is the world’s largest importer of gold which is an essential part of religious festivals and weddings READ ON



Meggings is Fad of 2012
Meggings is the unnecessarily gendered fad of the year. Anyone heard of feggings? Wear them as pants if you must, but to avoid getting caught short remember to wear a bumbag and a long pullover. Shorts is a slightly better look. Even better, match with Elizabethan Doublet for outdoor Shakespeare events

Mellow Model
Model transgression courtesy of Chinese online store Yueko. Liu Xianping is the grandad of one the five founders, college graduates looking for a novel way to showcase teen girl fashion. Gender blending and age deconstruction hijinks ... but it needs two more grandads to make it a trend

Finger Walker
These nails are sick ... which is just so sick. So 'The Walking Dead', and so right for Halloween. Deborah Lippmann Naked is the base with Born Pretty Pearl nail gems for spots - you can catch the details at The Daily Nail.

Tonight's Stud is Sponsored by...
Only in Japan would you get an offer like this: get seven pairs of pants a month absolutely free just for wearing loud and proud ad supported undies. Although they'll probably be in Japanese, who could pass up on The Big Mac or Just Do It? Hmmm, Just Don't! MORE ON THIS  

Hats the Way to do it
The latest Gaga hat? This headgear is from French photographer Emmanuelle Brisson's Can’t Get It Out Of My Head. The series includes a birdcage, lamp and fairy lights -- a fun homage to the wacky millinery on fashion runways SEE ALL



Legible Clothes
You may not actually read real books but that won't stop you declaring your love for them on a ModCloth 'Slaughterhouse-Five' tee. And why stop there? These 'Keats' tights are from Zohara. And if you 'like big books and you cannot lie', say so on a tote bag from Pamela Fugate Designs.

Hand Held Devices for the Entire Family
It's the necessary accessory of the Father Knows Best era, but makes you wonder just how mom gift-wrapped these beauties to keep the family guessing until Christmas morning. The picture is a Daisy B-B Gun Rifles Boys Toy Trade Advert from Christmas 1966 IMAGE SOURCE