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Fashion as Speech [PAPER] Communication through Dress READ ON

Studying Fashion [PAPER] Perspectives and Approaches READ ON

Le Créateur [PAPER] The Authority of the Designer READ ON

The Bloody Sartorialist [ARTICLE] 'Bateman not only places value upon the labels he wears he strongly reacts to his apparel being touched, even in envy' READ ON 

Paris Capital of Fashion Migrants [ARTICLE] Paris owes its premier international position as fashion capital to a combination of history and tradition READ ON

"Oh, I Dig Your Fab Gear!”  [PAPER]    Costume, Fashion and the Doctor READ ON

 The Culture of Power Dressing [ARTICLE] Costume designer Ann Roth’s power dressing template for Working Girl (1988), director Mike Nichols) READ ON

The Death Instinct [ARTICLE] Punk is boredom, desperation, and death. So is fashion READ ON 

The symbolism of shoes in the movies [ARTICLE] From cinema's earliest years, shoes 
have been often used symbolically READ ON 

Fashion and Data [ARTICLE] Big Data Will Change All Aspects of the Fashion Industry 

Grunge Endures [ARTICLE] Grunge and its raffish offshoots, once dour expressions of  
a wholesale rejection of fashion, reborn, paradoxically, as fashion’s last word  

China’s Attack On Hedonism A Mixed Blessing For Luxury Brands [ARTICLE]  As Luxury 
Crackdown Hits Some Brands, Others Find Silver Lining READ ON

Glossary of Hipster Hallmarks [ARTICLE] Descriptors published by The New York Times 
in the last decade have created a portfolio of hipsterdom READ ON

Action Sport NGOs in a Neo-Liberal Context [PAPER] focuses on the relatively recent 
proliferation of action sport-based social justice advocacy groups DOWNLOAD

Punk Rocks on the Catwalk [ARTICLE] But is a new generation of designers reinventing the look? READ ON

The Click Clique [ARTICLE] The team behind luxury-shopping website Moda Operandi has changed the way women buy designer clothes. Will a new twist position it as the ultimate retail outlet for the well-heeled? READ ON

I Apologize for Inventing the Word 'Fashionista' [ARTICLE] In 1993, an 
unsuspecting Gia Carangi biographer made up a word to collectively refer to the 
many tiny factions within the 1970s fashion industry READ ON

The Costuming of Mr Whicher [INTERVIEW] Costume Q&A with Lucinda Wright READ ON

François Lesage French Embroiderer [ARTICLE] Berg Fashion Library READ ON  LINK CURRENTLY BROKEN

Elsa Schiaparelli Back in Fashion [ARTICLE] Christian Lacroix is giving the style  
of Elsa Schiaparelli, an Italian fashion designer whose heyday was in the 1930s, a  
new lease of life with a couture collaboration READ ON

Is the Hipster the Archetype of Ironic Living [ARTICLE] 'To live ironically is to 
hide in public. It is flagrantly indirect, a form of subterfuge, which means 
etymologically to “secretly flee” (subter + fuge). Somehow, directness has become  
unbearable to us' READ ON / READ REPLY

What is Cosplay? [ARTICLE] Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion READ ON 

Music and Fashion [ARTICLE] The relationship between fashion and popular music is one of abundant and mutual creativity READ ON 

Is Australia the Fifth Fashion Week? [ARTICLE] On paper, it's the country with everything: innovative designers, a strong economy and plenty of affluent customers to support the industry READ ON

My Gucci Addiction [ARTICLE] A Gucci-Fueled Pursuit of a New Sense of Identity READ ON

Shop Mannequins and Real Women [ARTICLE] They are plastic, in uncomfortable poses and wearing horrible wigs, but an army of Swedish mannequins are being held up as a shining example of the body diversity our shops sorely need READ ON

Skinny Jeans as Anti-fashion [ARTICLE] Skinny jeans just won't go away. And that's because – like coolness and prettiness – today's look is post-ironic READ ON 

Fashion’s Democratic Disease [ARTICLE] The needs, desires and intentions of consumers have become important pieces of legislation in the false democracy of fashion, evolving at dizzying speeds and enlisting an army of fools READ ON

Louis Vuitton Film Promotes Prostitution? [ARTICLE] French commentators have declared a short film starring British models Georgia May Jagger and Cara Delevingne an attack on women's rights READ ON
Fashion Injuries [RESEARCH] From sky-high heels and tanorexia, to burning our hair or wearing too tight a fit; a study reveals just how many accidents we're willing to risk in order to look our very best READ ON

Who Watches the Watchmen? [ARTICLE] fashion blogger Diane Pernet laments the current state of fashion criticism and brings us a brief history of fashion critics past and present READ ON / RELATED: How to Write About Dressing Well [ARTICLE] READ ON

Tomboy Trend Becomes Movement [ARTICLE] From androgynous models to 'fused-gender' clothes, the tomboy trend is turning into a movement – and a new one-stop online shop is dedicated to the style READ ON

Manolo Blahnik: I Like Old Things [INTERVIEW] 'This is what a genius is—the thing of a genius. The dresses, the tiny heels, the Cardin look, the boys dressed up as Italian gigolos—it was divine, very modern' READ ON

Kenya on the Catwalk [ARTICLE] Africa is still better at craftsmanship than mass production READ ON

Costuming Stoker [INTERVIEW] Kurt Swanson and Bart Mueller discussing their costume choices for Stoker READ ON

Emboldened by the Bob [ARTICLE] The History of the Flapper, Part 4 READ ON

Authenticity Out, Hoboism In [TRENDS] Fact plus fiction, ‘hoboism’ and brand tie-ups set to change marketing READ ON

Donna Karan's Creative Flow [INTERVIEW] talks about balancing her life between commerce and philanthropy READ ON

Cinderella's Slipper [ARTICLE] Because the shoes are so famous, the designers had to work with a certain set of expectations READ ON

Secret Behind Rihanna’s Look [ARTICLE] Designer Adam Selman's clothes are clever and tough, yet feminine and wearable — and largely affordable READ ON

Function Inflation [ARTICLE] Is our thirst for the new making our household appliances too complicated READ ON 

Transforming Experiences [ARTICLE] Hussein Chalayan does interesting but simple READ ON

All about Oscar [SPECIAL] Overfed on the Tittle-Tattle?Time to take the Serious Pill with these Alternative Takes on the Awards Circus READ ON

Rock-Paper-Scissors [RESEARCH] Indiana University cognitive scientists offer a new theory of the group dynamics, a parable for cycles in fashion READ ON  

Fashion Hackathon [ARTICLE] 'tech guys are building products to pitch to the fashion vertical and they are getting it wrong all the time' READ ON

Cocooning [ARTICLE] It's back and thanks to tech, it's bigger READ ON

Language of Fashion is English [ARTICLE] the Format of International Talent Competitions Give English Speakers an Unfair Advantage READ ON

The ‘M’ Word is Back in Fashion [ARTICLE] Britain’s Prime Minister has stated that he wishes to “promote marriage, defend marriage, encourage marriage  READ ON

The Circus of Fashion [ARTICLE] Medine on Menkes criticism of fame: 'This is my moment that she is reprimanding' READ ON

Bill Cosby and Those Crazy Sweaters [ARTICLE] 'Sandrich was a real stickler for things matching, so we just did the sweater thing. I actually sewed his shirts to the sweaters so that nothing moved' READ ON

Thom Browne’s Twisted Fairy Tale [ARTICLE] Blindfolded male models with their hands and feet tied in blood-red strips of fabric lay on metal beds alongside the catwalk READ ON

Sweatshop Garments Drag All of Us Down [ARTICLE]  A hundred years after the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire in New York City  we are racing backward READ ON

Enforced Modesty in Hasidic Brooklyn [ARTICLE] Shops and modesty committees READ ON

China's Metrosexuals Revive Luxury Shopping [ARTICLE] Men account for 55 percent of China's luxury goods market READ ON

Your "Street Style" is Buggin' [ARTICLE] Instead of looking to the runways for inspiration, the style-minded started stealing ideas from photos snapped on hip streets READ ON

Is Haute Couture Poised for Reinvention or Irrelevance? [ARTICLE] 'Since its high point in the late 1940s and 1950s, couture clients had shrivelled away' READ ON

Celebrity Endorsements Help Luxury watches Defy Downturn [ARTICLE] In the 1970s and early 1980s, was disastrous for top-end watch makers READ ON

A Piece Of Cloth That Conjures Light And Sound [FILM]  Brazilian designer Luiz Zanotello builds a sensor-equipped cloth that makes sound and vision READ ON

Sharen Davis on Django Unchained Costume INTERVIEW] READ ON

Mississippi School Children Handcuffed For Not Wearing A Belt [REPORT]

Anglophile Aesthetic [ARTICLE] Savile Row sartorial customs, horse-and-hound sportiness, regional outerwear like Aran Island sweaters ... the English look is in READ ON
Men in Skirts? [ARTICLE] Sorry Kanye, it just won't mainstream READ ON
The Fabric of our Lives [ARTICLE] How connectivity is being woven into the very clothes we wear READ ON

A Decade of Skinny Jeans
'You can trace the skinny fit right back to the mid-18th century and a youth movement called the Macaronis' READ ON

Peacocks of Style, not Fashion  A look into the strained relationship between male style and men’s fashion  READ ON

The Neo Dandies  What does it take to be a modern man about town?  READ ON

Seasons are so ... Last Season  Global brands now need to make summer dresses in January and winter coats in July READ ON

2012 The Fashion Year READ ON

Re-Covered Chic
'Our form of dressing is a way of communicating [modesty] to others,' says Nzinga Knight on the American hijab. 'I see dishonesty in women who dress provocatively' READ ON

Sequins are for More Than New Year’s Eve A History of Sequins from King Tut to the King of Pop  READ ON

The Problem with Trends 'We are so exhausted by overload that we just don't have a way to process anything new,' says trend analyst Marian Salzman READ ON

The Story Behind Model Casting with Noah Shelley & Angus Munro  READ ON

Celebrity Mannequins  Kevin Arpino: 'If they can sell fashion in magazine, they can sell fashion in a store' READ ON

China and Fashion Future The Top 20 Movers, Shakers and Decision-Makers in China Fashion READ ON Chinese models are increasingly popular READ ON
Parkins on Poiret, Dior and Schiaperelli [INTERVIEW] Interview with Ilya Parkins, author of 'Poiret, Dior and Schiaparelli: Fashion, Feminity and Modernity' READ ON

Impressionism and Dress  The birth of fashion magazines sparked the influence of clothing on the Impressionists READ ON

Designer Chen Bei on Mo Yan's Wardrobe 'Clothes are actually a language. My designs are intended to speak for Mo' READ ON

Chinese Become World's Top Luxury Buyers  The increasing affluence of Chinese consumer READ ON

Jumping Jagger Flash
Jagger in full flow about the pleasure and pain of wearing an Ossie Clark jumpsuit READ ON Rolling Stones Style READ ON

Fashion and Social Media  Decoded Fashion London FILM VIEW Article READ ON Conference: 7 Key Themes READ ON

Co-Creation: The Real Social-Media Revolution The scope of co-creation is not limited to the sales and service interaction. Customers can remotely participate in fashion shows READ ON

Olivier Saillard, Curator  Thoroughly steeped in fashion history, Saillard has a uniquely detached perspective on the today’s fashion industry, often criticising the speed of the fashion cycle READ ON
'For us, Asia is in the Centre'  Aric Chen is the new curator of art and design for Hong KOng's M+ museum for visual culture, to be positioned simultaneously within localised and global frameworks READ ON

Unboxing Videos   The ‘unboxing’ video offers the viewer the vicarious experience of removing a newly purchased product from its packaging. It is a visual document of the consummation of the purchaser–product relationship READ ON

Women Spend a Week a Year Grooming   The results of study of 2,000 women READ ON

The Dark Side of Modelling [AUDIO] Sara Ziff discusses the problems with fashion and modelling  READ ON / PLAY

The Rising Influence of the Blogger    Once regarded as super-fan party crashers bloggers are now called on to collaborate on fashion collections READ ON

Fashion Run Like Football?   In the genteel world of high fashion, the “family” fashion house is replaced by a cut-throat, market-driven industry, rife with distrust rife  READ ON

Gender Blending Models   Has the fashion industry relaxed its attitude to gender? READ ON

Burberry and the Digisphere  CEO Angela Ahrendts realised that to capture a youthful customer base, Burberry would have to speak on their terms - digital terms READ ON

LV and Mass-produced Luxury On appealing to a diverse group of men and Vuitton's  first tv advert MENSWEAR READ ON / ADVERT READ ON

Shopable Magazines  A new wave of websites places the store at the centre of demand-creating fashion content radically shortening the path from inspiration to transaction READ ON
Superman's Brief: Superman director wanted to keep iconic red underpants READ ON

Toxic Threads the Big Fashion Stitch-Up  An investigation including 20 global fashion brands READ ON DOWNLOAD / READ ON ARTICLE / READ ON YOHJI YAMAMOTO INTERVIEW

The Five Keys to the Luxury Shrine   Luxury brands must focus on customer experience says report by The Future Laboratory READ ON

Bionic Mannequins Become Fashion Spies
   Store mannequins are meant to catch your eye. Now you may catch theirs. READ ON

J'ADR: I am the Show  
Before street style, editors were chic but behind-the-scenes types. Anna Dello Russo is an editor and a cover star and has a design partnership with H&M READ ON

Wear it Again Gwyneth   Forget daring fashion choices, true celebrity sartorial bravery is resporting the same outfit READ ON

Censored Smell 90-year-old Chanel No.5 could be banned following research into allergy-causing perfume ingredients READ ON

Smells like Sushi A cologne with 'the fresh scent of just cooked sticky rice and straight from the seaside seaweed' READ ON

Loosening Ties? 'Hermès objects are tools, and they invite you into a relationship with the world that I hope is gentle' READ ON

Loosening Ties? Wear a suit without a tie? It's nothing short of sartorial catastrophe READ ON

Fresh Fashion Brand  How has Joe Fresh, which began life as a private-label supermarket brand, rocketed to success? READ ON

Barneys does Disney does Fashion  Barneys animated short follows Minnie Mouse as she daydreams of attending Paris Fashion week where she finds a Balenciaga-clad Mickey READ ON

Against Fast Fashion Collaborations 'For years Margiela was a designer’s designer, an intelligent creator and a pioneer of deconstruction who refused to talk to the media, letting his work speak for itself' READ ON

How to Live Without Irony The hipster haunts every city street and university town. Manifesting a nostalgia for times he never lived himself READ ON

Unfairly DIS Missed? In an industry in which editorial content and advertising sometimes seem to merge, DIS’s editorial mission is to interrogate and collapse hierarchies READ ON

The Iconic Dress 'Aside from the simple publishing and curatorial format that list-making provides, compiling iconic dresses is a result of our increasingly visual “who-are-you-wearing?” world' READ ON

Is the Maker Movement the Next Industrial Revolution? Chris Anderson: 'the Maker movement is what happens when the Web meets the real world' READ ON
Kate Moss at 38: 'I wasn’t the prettiest girl in class. No breasts, short legs, gangly teeth. I didn’t think I was model material, that’s for sure' READ ON

How Zara Grew Into the World’s Largest Fashion Retailer READ ON

Cultural capital: why business now draws from heritage READ ON

Blue Jeans and normativity by Daniel Miller [DOWNLOAD]  READ ON

How blue jeans conquered the world [ARTICLE] READ ON

David Bonney's Atheist Sole: shoe design 'Gone was the clutter of commercial over-design. Suddenly, I was seeing a lot of new things--well, old things' READ ON

Sourcing Hollywood Costume: Christopher Frayling on the V&A exhibition and how to collect costume [INTERVIEW] READ ON

Turning Harajuku: Kjeld Duits on blogging, Harajuku street fashion and self-expression. 'Most people ... dislike the idea of being put in a box with a label on top of it' READ ON

The Impossible Wardrobe: How Tilda Swinton's performance piece breathes new life into  Galliera fashion history READ ON

Semiotics at Scholastic: Working (clothes) with children: 'Sometimes I will take off my tie to make myself less in intimidating'  READ ON

Dressing Bond in Films and Books: Bronwyn Cosgrave talks Fleming and Costume READ ON

Feature Creep: why pattern is no crime Despite 20th-century attempts to purge ornament, design is once again infiltrated by the creeping tendrils of pattern READ ON

What makes a trend? Forecasting Is a growing industry. With the turnover in trends now faster than ever, we are in the middle of a macrotrend for microtrends READ ON

C'Mon C'Mon Get Snappy: from heron chic to happy freak The quirky fashion photography of the late Nineties gave fashion magazines something to smile about again after the trauma of heroin chic. But did 'happy chic' wreck its chances of being taken seriously READ ON 

Five Skills for the Robotic Age: Marty Neumeier on feeling, seeing, dreaming, making and learning 'Thanks to automation, creative work eventually becomes skilled work, which eventually becomes rote work, which finally turns into robotic work' READ ON

Hot Dog: Critics' Bite, Designers' Bark. The relationship between fashion media and designers is often cringingly sycophantic, so what happens when one of the top dogs gets compared to a hot dog? READ ON

Encounters in the Archive: rethinking interactions with theatre costume [PAPER] A project involving difficult to access objects in the V&A showing how film interactions can help to articulate the performativity of costume READ ON

Drawing the Best-Dressed [INTERVIEW] Fashion illustrator David Downton draws the Best Dressed Hall of Fame for Vanity Fair READ ON

Thatcher the iron butterfly She was unafraid of making a colourful impression in a man's world of grey flannel READ ON

 The costly price of cheap fashion
You find labels that say 'Made in Bangladesh' or 'Made in China' on garments that can be bought for the price of a Coke and a sandwich

McQueen through the lens of Anne Deniau. McQueen was a challenging photographic subject, who left before models had come off the runway, so he would not have to talk to anyone READ ON

Tonight's stud is sponsored by ... Only in Japan could you get an offer like this: seven pairs of pants a month free for wearing ad supported undies READ ON

Withering of the 'people of plenty'. The coincidence of the Great Recession with baby boomers’ retirements marks the eclipse of the post–World War II social compact. So what happens now? READ ON

Rebel? It's Cool to be Kind: study prompts new definition of 'cool' [PAPER] [ARTICLE] Forget being emotionally remote, say psychologists, sociability is now considered to be cool READ ARTICLE / READ PAPER

Mapping Street Art: Feral Infographic. Theorist Daniel Feral has written a map that revises the role of graffiti and street art in the canon of modern art showing graffiti and street art as critical drivers of art READ ON

How's Xssat! Snapping Sydney Street Style Sydney based Xiaohan Shen, blogger of Xssat, discusses street fashion photography READ ON
The Clothes of Cronenberg [FILM] Film footage of the Cronenberg: Evolution show on costume  READ ON

The Herero Tribe of Namibia [PHOTOS] Jim Naughten photography: "(I felt) I had stumbled on to the set of a peculiar spaghetti western, full of anomalies and anachronisms, where  the wrong buildings had been ordered and misplaced actors cast” VIEW

Gatsby and the Brooks Brothers Archives [FILM] Gatsby costume designer Catherine 
Martin talks about what it was like to go into the expansive Brooks Brothers  
archives and 1920's style VIEW

Trailer to Frida Giannini's The Director [FILM] The Director takes a look inside the global luxury brand that is Gucci and more specifically, the woman behind  every runway look, horsebit loafer, or handbag up for sale: creative director  Frida Giannini VIEW

Harajuku Style Fashion Icons [PHOTOS] VIEW

Wilder Costumes [IMAGES] French photographer Charles Freger's Wilder Mann photos VIEW

Consuming China [PHOTO ESSAY] China has been moving toward a consumption-led economy in the past two decades READ ON

Fashion Films of the Season [FILM] the most successful fashion films broke away from the old template of slow, dramatic music; models gazing dreamily at the camera; and rambling narratives that don’t really say anything READ ON

Lifting the Veil on Hijab Style [ARTICLE/PHOTOS] Photographer Sara Shamsavari's portraits celebrate the individuality and creativity of London's young Muslim women READ ON / VIEW

Past 15 Years Red Carpet Trends [ARCHIVE] Online archive of Oscar looks VIEW

Colour History [FILM]  BBC's History of Art in Three Colours VIEW

London’s Best Christmas 2012 Window Displays [PHOTOGRAPHS] VIEW

Kiki de Montparnasse [PHOTOS] Paris in the 1920s VIEW

Brands to Kill For [FILM]
Lemon Andersen raps a tale of someone who did, reciting a poem by Reg E. Gaines VIEW

Dressing Actors: Between a War and a Circus [FILM] Costume Designer Roundtable on taking direction from Tim Burton and Steven Spielberg VIEW
Fashion and Social Media [FILM] Decoded Fashion London VIEW Article READ ON Conference: 7 Key Theme READ ON

Ten adverts that shocked the world [PHOTOS] Advertising is a world in which the normal is beautified with the intention of getting the consumers to buy into such ideals VIEW

Grace Coddington on Fashion Extremes [AUDIO]
  Interview and review of memoir: 'In order to make the point, you have to say it strongly' PLAY / READ ON

Rare Film of Jeanne Lanvin [FILM] I try my best, every season, to capture the impossible that floats in the air VIEW

A backstage pass to Alexander McQueen at Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 [FILM] VIEW

Blue Jeans and normativity by Daniel Miller - How Blue Jeans Change My Life [AUDIO] - 12:45 START TIME PLAY

Can blue jeans make the world clean? [FILM] VIEW

Trend of the Dead [FILM] The growing popularity of the Day of the Dead in the USA VIEW

Mitt Romney jokes about class and dress [FILM] 2012 Alfred E Smith Dinner (time 0:50 - 1.15) VIEW

Guy Pearse on Big Brands and Carbon Scams [FILM] Why the green revolution just isn't happening. Guy Pearse discusses his book Greenwash VIEW

Cotton Gin: inventions aren't always for the best [FILM] Kenneth C. Davis TED talk VIEW

Body Jewellery: The human body as a landscape for intervention [FILM] [PHOTOS] Stephanie Bila CSM graduate collection VIEW FILM / VIEW PHOTOS

Take 5: Chanel No. 5. [FILM]  the life story of how the icon perfume VIEW

Thom Browne Bauhaus Theatre: Thom Browne finds inspiration in Oskar Schlemmer’s 1922 Triadisches Ballet [SHOW] Spring/Summer 2013 VIEW

Vreeland: I am Diana, a goddess [ARTICLE + PHOTOS] The Eye Has to Travel, a film by Lisa Immordino Vreeland, presents an intimate and layered portrait of a complex photographer who always saw past the everyday, inventing a more glamorous, spellbinding reality READ ON

Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel Trailer [FILM] VIEW

Copy Cats and the Fashion Cycle: winners and losers of the knockoff economy [AUDIO] The signficance of knockoff culture and whycopying breeds competition READ ON

Books to be seen wearing [PHOTOS]Who says fashion is light reading? Here homework and shopping blur as Lit classes are matched with statement-making dresses READ ON

Remix Culture and Creativity Nothing is original, says Kirby Ferguson [FILM] 'We are not self-made. We are dependent on one another. Admitting this to ourselves isn't an embrace of mediocrity and derivativeness, it's a liberation from our misconceptions.' VIEW

Oramics to Electronica: a documentary exploring how co-curation set the direction for this Science Museum exhibition [FILM] Team includes BBC Radiophonic Workshop, EMS and electronic musicians VIEW

Chaos to Couture at the Met [REVIEW] READ ON

Status Symbols are Context Relative [BOOK] An excerpt from Hidden in Plain Sight: How to Create Extraordinary Products for Tomorrow’s Customers by Jan Chipchase READ ON

Tomes of the Times [BOOKS] Colin McDowell reviews Paris Haute Couture, Paris In The 1920s with Kiki de Montparnasse and The Big Book of Chic READ ON

Rick Owens’ Smoke and Mirrors [SHOW] 'I love the idea of working with almost  nothing — light, air, smoke. Like a cheap magic act' READ ON

How Mod Became the Mainstream [BOOK] Richard Weight, Mod: A Very British Style READ ON

How Punk has Segued into Sequins [EXHIB] Razor blades will segue into sequins while gobbing will be replaced by the gentler exhalation of mwah-mwahing READ ON

Mod: A Very British Style [BOOK] Richard Weight: 'an avant garde reaction to mainstream aesthetics, morality and politics' READ ON
50 years of British Style [BOOK] The innovation and daring of generations of teenagers READ ON

Coloured Consumerism [BOOK] After the Industrial Revolution the world found something new to mass-produce: colour READ ON

Smart by Design [EXHIB] Fashion and technology have been intertwined for more than two centuries READ ON

Shopping in Ancient Rome [BOOK] It is often said that shopping is a relatively recent invention READ ON
Fashion Tomes of the Times  [BOOKS] Colin McDowell reviews Grace Coddington, Grace: A Memoir, Hollywood Sketchbook, Impressionism Fashion and Modernity, Power and Style: A World of Politics and Dress, Tim Walker, Tim Walker: Storyteller, Uman: The Essays, Vogue: The Editor's Eye, W: The First 40 Years READ ON

Valentino: Master of Couture [EXHIB] a rare glimpse into the inner sanctum of Valentino’s world  READ ON

Alexander McQueen, Fashion Visionary [BOOK] Images from each collection READ ON

In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye  Documentary that highlights the work of the many strong-willed women creators of fashion images over several decades READ ON

The Art of Scent [EXHIB] The Museum of Arts and Design creates a department of olfactory art and stages the first exhibition PRESS RELEASE / READ ON / DOWNLOAD / FILMS

Design has Forgotten Social Responsibility [BOOK] 'We have failed to formulate new answers to the question of what societal responsibility is today – specifically, beyond phrases and slogans' René Spitz READ ON

David Bowie’s Style Decades [BOOK] David Bowie Style is the book's title, but isn't he really a serial appropriator of styles? READ ON

Gowns and Postwar Gloom [EXHIB] Couture by Royal Appointment exhibition at London's Fashion and Textile Museum READ ON

Emotional Incontinence: the personal invasion of public spaces [BOOK]  John Humphrys' book asks if manners still matter READ ON

Storytelling through Costume: The V&A Hollywood Costume exhibition reviews [EXHIB] illuminates the costume designer’s process in the creation of character READ ON Guardian READ ON Clothes on Film READ ON

Incomparable: Women of Style [BOOK] Rose Hartman’s images of the goddesses who populate modern glamour READ ON

The mannequin who fell to earth [EXHIB] The V&A's plans to use David Bowie's costumes to chart his life and times in an exhibition READ ON

Wittgenstein on thinking in pictures, not words' [BOOK] You don’t take enough notice of people’s faces,' the philosopher admonished a friend READ ON

Writing beyond academic audiences [BOOK] Academics don’t write to be read; they write to be published. It’s good to be published, and better to be understood READ ON

Clothing Degree Zero: Barthes in China [BOOK] 'It will be necessary to start off with the major fact, the absolute uniformity of clothes' READ ON

Dressing James Bond: Designing 007 exhibition at the Barbican London [EXHIB] [FILM] A showcase of costumes and props from the films' 50-year history, from suits and swimwear to gadgets READ ON  / VIEW

Can’t Get You Out of My Head: history of advertising jingles [BOOK] Though it’s easy to be cynical about gray-flannel advertisers going hip, the jingle writers of the 20th century created a potent language READ ON

Kigouron: how clothes make us human [CONFERENCE] Report on the 2012 Japanese Association of Semiotic Studies conference at the Kobe Fashion Museum READ ON