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The Day my Doctor Died [ARTICLE] a Child’s Experience of the First 'Regeneration' in Doctor Who READ ON

Rationalist Association and Deadly reason [ARTICLE] Did too much rational thinking lead to the Holocaust? The German philosopher Theodor Adorno argued it did READ ON

Men and Romance [ARTICLE] Study shows men get emotionally attached more easily than women READ ON

Writing Lessons for Astrophysicists [ARTICLE] Literature doesn’t depict, it observes. It observes a reality that it conjures into existence by observing it, just like, well, like Schrödinger’s goddamn cat READ ON

You Must Remember This Obituaries and the Civil Rights Movement [PAPER] This study demonstrates how reporter-written obituaries of Black civil rights movement leaders reinforce a limited, facile view of the African American freedom struggle that haunts even today’s race relations DOWNLOAD

LGBTI Variations in Crime Reporting [PAPER] How Sexual Identity Influences Decisions to Call the Cops DOWNLOAD

Slash Slang [ARTICLE] Not just punctuation slash symbol anymore? READ ON

No Fixed Identity [ARTICLE] This blogger tries to make sense of the intersectionality of his gay US and Ghanaian identity READ ON

The Rise of Big Data [ARTICLE] Big Data, we’re told, will change everything. So what will remain of intuition and serendipity in our brave new hyperquantified world? READ ON

Mad, or bad? [ARTICLE] Even in the decade of dissent, Thomas Szasz stood alone 
when he attacked the idea of madness from the political right READ ON

The Bare Truth: Porno-chic Models of Femininity as a National Narrative [PAPER] 

The Public Stigma of Mental Illness[PAPER] What Do We Think; What Do We Know; What 
Can We Prove? DOWNLOAD

Girls Run the World? [PAPER] Caught between Sexism and Postfeminism in School DOWNLOAD 

Just a wind-up?[PAPER] Ethnicity, religion and prejudice in Scottish football-related comedy  DOWNLOAD

Community Disorder, Victimization Exposure, and Mental Health in a National Sample of Youth [PAPER] DOWNLOAD 

LGBT Pride as a Cultural Protest Tactic in a Southern City [PAPER] DOWNLOAD

Our Age of Anxiety [ARTICLE] Is anxiety getting worse in the United States, or is that just a matter of terminology and a popular diagnosis? READ ON

Gender discrimination and grooming codes in the labour (super)market [PAPER]  DOWNLOAD

Egos Inflating Over Time [RESEARCH] 30% increase in narcissism between 1979 and 2006 READ ON 

Class Categories and Marriage Patterns in Rural China in the Mao Era [PAPER] DOWNLOAD 

Class and Capital [RESEARCH] The traditional view of a Britain made of working, middle and upper class people is no longer accurate READ ON

The New New Atheists [ARTICLE] Why do religious stories continue to mean so much to so many of us? READ ON

Justin Bieber and Generation Y [ARTICLE] 'the gleeful reaction by some to Mr. Bieber’s misbehavior may connect to two directives imposed upon children today: the need to overprepare for the demanding and perilous world of work, and the loss of innocence that preparation entails' READ ON

The Lost Boyhood of Justin Bieber [ARTICLE] Bieber's adult problems: 'All this isn't easy. I get angry sometimes' READ ON / MORE

Have We Evolved to Be Nasty or Nice? [ARTICLE] People tend to cooperate with relatives and frequently encountered acquaintances, not indiscriminately READ ON

The Barbed Gift of Leisure [ARTICLE] We have always sensed that free time, time not dedicated to a specific purpose, is dangerous because it implicitly raises the question of what to do with it READ ON

Older Generation Passing the Doobie [ARTICLE] The US National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported in 2011 that 6.3 percent of adults between the ages of 50 and 59 used marijuana READ ON

Shifting Patterns and Reactions – Migration Policy in the New EU Member States [PAPER] DOWNLOAD 

Struggle and Hope: Challenging Gender Violence in Pakistan [PAPER] Pakistan’s vocal women’s movement has remained unrevealed and unexamined DOWNLOAD

The Ultimatum Game [ARTICLE] Joe Henrich, the Machiguenga challenge to universality and the interplay between culture and cognition READ ON

Race Beyond DNA Ancestry Testing [ARTICLE] 'What is left once we have deconstructed race, and what does such a concept mean for the present and the future?'  READ ON

Same-Sex Cohabitors and Health [PAPER] The Role of Race-Ethnicity, Gender, and Socioeconomic Status DOWNLOAD

Social Strain, Self-Control, and Juvenile Gambling Pathology [PAPER] Evidence From Chinese Adolescents DOWNLOAD

Early Life Course Pathways of Adult Depression and Chronic Pain [PAPER] study examines the extent to which childhood socioeconomic disadvantage and maternal depression increase the risk of major depression and chronic pain in U.S. working-aged adults DOWNLOAD

Welcome to the Surveillance Society of Google Glass [ARTICLE] Should We Be Worried or Relieved? READ ON

Evolution and Existentialism [ARTICLE] 'we must .. deny aspects of our own biological heritage if we want to be fully human' READ ON

Can Living in the City Make you Gay? [RESEARCH] commentary on the geography of sexuality READ ON 

Interrogating Claims of Progress for Black Women Since 1970 [PAPER] 'We find no evidence that industrial and occupational upgrading among low-wage Black women, particularly in the South, from 1970 to 2000 narrowed the racial wage gap among low-wage women' DOWNLOAD 

Deciphering Hidden Biases During Interviews [RESEARCH] study shows that interviewers who have seen a string of strong candidates are more likely to view the next applicant negatively READ ON

Why You Can’t Stop Perusing Your Facebook Profile [RESEARCH]
 New research suggests that all that rereading, revising, and updating satisfies the fundamental human need to feel good about yourself READ ON 

The Public Stigma of Mental Illness [PAPER] What Do We Think; What Do We Know; What Can We Prove? DOWNLOAD PDF

The Spiritual and Philosophical Foundation for African Languages [PAPER] DOWNLOAD PDF 

Ethno-religious Conflicts and the Elusive Quest for National Identity in Nigeria [PAPER] DOWNLOAD PDF

10 Most Startling Facts About People of Color and Criminal Justice in the United States [ARTICLE] READ ON

Model Casey Legler: She's the Perfect Man [ARTICLE] the first woman to sign exclusively as a male model READ ON

Who Could I Be Now? [ARTICLE] The lives we didn’t live, and how they affect us READ ON 

OED Drops 'Dirty Biker' Definition [ARTICLE] Oxford English Dictionary drops references to 'long hair' and 'dirty denims' READ ON

All about Oscar [SPECIAL] Overfed on the Tittle-Tattle?Time to take the Serious Pill with these Alternative Takes on the Awards Circus READ ON

Three-Fifths [INTERVIEW] Leslie Harris, associate professor of history at Emory University, on the controversy triggered by Emory President James Wagner's praise for the "three-fifths compromise" -- the measure that decreed slaves were three-fifths of a person  READ ON

Scouts to Men [ARTICLE] The basis for discrimination against pivots around two beliefs: the Judeo-Christian tenets about homosexuality and the myth of an inherent correlation between homosexuality and pedophilia READ ON

Stigma Allure and White Antiracist Identity Management [PAPER] Given that whiteness and antiracism are often framed as antonyms, white engagement with ‘nonwhite issues’ often involves a presentation of self that unsettles established habit DOWNLOAD HERE

Super Power Fantasies [ARTICLE] In his book Do The Gods Wear Capes?, Saunders argues that Superman is a "moral agent who acts always out of his commitment to 'the good.'" It isn't superstrength or superkissing which makes Superman what he is; it is super-goodness READ ON

Girl Geeks and Boy Kings [ARTICLE] Facebook was, in its early days, powered by women—or rather, by photographs of women READ ON

Philosophy Made Flesh [ARTICLE] Thomas Day adopted two orphan girls and controlled their education to select one of them to be his ideal partner: the perfect wife READ ON

It’s Not Fair! [PAPER] Discursive Politics, Social Justice and Feminist Praxis READ ON

The Physical Cost of Earning Less than Your Wife [ARTICLE]
Research from Denmark finds men who fall behind their wives in earning power more likely to use erectile dysfunction drugs READ ON

Napoleon Chagnon Controversial Anthropologist [ARTICLE]
Colleagues accused him of exaggerating the violence, even of imagining it — a projection of his aggressive personality READ ON

From Chastity As a Gift to Doing It As a Sign of Love [PAPER] A Longitudinal Analysis of the Discourses on Female Sexuality in Popular Magazines in Portugal READ ON

Speak, Memory  [ARTICLE] Oliver Sacks: 'How could he dispute a memory I would not hesitate to swear on in a court of law, and had never doubted as real?' READ ON
Power of Suggestion [ARTICLE] The amazing influence of unconscious cues is among the most fascinating discoveries of our time­—that is, if it's true READ ON
Cut Off From Human Contact [ARTICLE] In 1978, Soviet geologists prospecting in the wilds of Siberia discovered a family of six, lost in the taiga READ ON

Feminism Fizzles [ARTICLE]
Where is Betty Friedan when we need her? READ ON

Guys and Dolls No More? [ARTICLE]
If toys were marketed according to racial stereotypes, we would be outraged. Yet toy departments rigidly segregate — not by race, but by gender READ ON

Why You Truly Never Leave High School [ARTICLE] The sustained, melancholic presence of a high-school shadow self READ ON

Freud: Group and Transference [ARTICLE] 'Group psychology, Freud tells us, is concerned with the simultaneous influence of a large number of people, generally strangers, on the individual' READ ON

Happy Now? [ARTICLE] 'It is the very pursuit of happiness that thwarts happiness' READ ON

Sex in the Muslim City [ARTICLE] 'Sexual attitudes and behaviors are intimately bound up in religion, tradition, culture, politics, and economics. They are part and parcel of sexuality—that is, the act and all that goes with it, including gender roles and identity, sexual orientation, pleasure, intimacy, eroticism, and reproduction. As such, sexuality is a mirror of the conditions that led to these uprisings' READ ON

Gay-Straight Alliances [PAPER] Youth Empowerment and Working toward Reducing Stigma of LGBT Youth DOWNLOAD

Locating Ancestry in Notions of Britishness/Germanness [PAPER] Beyond Waning Myths of Civic and Ethnic Nations DOWNLOAD

A change has come [PAPER] The Obamas and the culture of black marriage in America DOWNLOAD
On Friendship  'Like calories, friendships keep us warm, and serve as a badge of normality' READ ON

The Self in Self-Help   We have no idea what a self is. So how can we fix it? READ ON

The New Feminism   Dissent Magazines essays on the new debates in feminism READ ON

Whitewashing of Latino Characters in Film   'There have been many instances where a Latino role was offered to a non-Latino actor, especially in the case of Latino historical figures' READ ON

In Defense of Sports  'The joy that sport offers us comes in two forms: as passive spectators and as active participants. The dichotomy drawn between these two kinds of leisure is a false one' READ ON

Contemporary Cultural Icons on Feminism  A look at a few of the different reactions the controversial term has gotten from contemporary cultural icons READ ON

Amnesia and the Self  'Because they can still form new memories, patients with retrograde amnesia are acutely aware that they have a cognitive deficit, are painfully knowledgeable about what they are losing' READ ON

Thinking about Emotions in Social Movements  Are some movements oriented toward emotional change and others toward policy change? READ ON

A Perfect Language? If thoughts and words exist on different planes, then expression must always be an act of compromise READ ON
The Data Vigilante Uri Simonsohn on research dishonesty and loose methodology READ ON

Rituals that Bind Us  When the start and end states are identical, children are more confident that the demonstration on the video should be interpreted as a kind of ritual and copy it faithfully READ ON
Philosophers and Parenthood  'I am concerned about the way in which the public display of one’s parenthood is increasingly a part of the expected career path of the professional philosopher' READ ON

Gaga Feminism [INTERVIEW]
An Interview With J. Jack Halberstam READ ON

The Plight of the Alpha Female  Women remain scarce in the most elite positions. And it’s by choice READ ON

Quantitative Narrative Analysis [PAPER] QNA as a promising method for operationalizing and measuring  agency using as a case study newspaper stories of lynchings in Georgia 1875 to 1930  READ ON

Life and Anxiety   'I'm sure that I wasn't alone in my understanding of life's meaninglessness, but I remember being surprised that more kids didn't seem affected by it. Maybe they, like Socrates, just didn't want to talk about it' READ ON

The Narcissist of the Boardroom [STUDY] Narcissistic personality disorder is more common in executives than in criminals READ ON

The Art of Friendship  Friendship has never seemed both more important and less relevant. The concept surfaces when we worry about the quality of networked lives READ ON

Religion, Happiness and the Mainstream 'The psychological effects of religious rituals are analogous to those of anti-anxiety drugs like tranquillizers or alcohol' READ ON

The Errors of Faculty   Because women were on the sidelines of this predominantly male drama, a conflict of fathers and sons, our 60s and 70s were different from theirs READ ON

Liking your Like  We are endlessly flattering one another, too—sharing everything we do with everyone we know, and reflexively praising every biographical detail that comes over the transom to us READ ON

Twilight and Fandom  What is a fan? Henry Jenkins says one becomes a fan by translating viewing or reading into some type of cultural activity READ ON

Building an Anthropology of Bicycling
The study of bicycling as a social and cultural phenomenon is more than studying bike culture READ ON

Does Identity Exist Without Visibility? Warhol understood that brand identity was the definition of success – for people as well as products. Instant recognition – the shoes, the hair, the face, destroys the distinction between public and private. READ ON

The Shifting Lines of Moral Force  Why do costumed superheroes suddenly have complex interiority: family backgrounds, ambivalence, moral crises, self-doubt and even explicit political motivation? READ ON

Female Dilemma and Conscience
Are men more capable than women of understanding and internalizing universal standards of Truth and Virtue? READ ON

Professor Robot and Online Study Does the essence of a college education lies in the subtle interplay between students and teachers that cannot be simulated by machines? READ ON
Hong Kong, Globalism and Halloween [ARTICLE] It's more popular than Mid-Autumn Festival ... it's about being cosmopolitan READ ON

I Close My Eyes, You Can't See Me [ARTICLE] 'it would seem that children apply the principle of joint attention to the self and assume that for somebody to be perceived, experience must be shared' READ ON

On the Game: Women and Sex Work by Sophie Day [ESSAY] Prostitute is a term conveying the occupation’s ‘negative moral connotations’ which stands in contrast to other forms of work in the sex industry READ ON

What are superhero movies really all about? [ARTICLE] 'Almost never do superheroes make, create, or build anything. The villains, in contrast, are endlessly creative' READ ON

The Amis People: Call us Jacko [ARTICLE] 'Amis young people have been creating an alternative style of body exhibition .. from a complex interplay among global hip-hop ... and pan-indigenous identity' READ ON

Age of the Psychopathic? In a recent study by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, 120 convicted street robbers were asked why they did it. The answers were revealing. Kicks. Spur-of-the-moment impulses. Status. And financial gain. In that order. READ ON

You Are What You Wear Clothes, diligence and moral contamination READ ON

Friendship 2.0  A University of Washington study shows digital media helps teens reach developmental milestones, but traised questions about the development of an autonomous sense of self READ ON
Transmission Transition: gay men and identification Gay men identify with Mildred Pierce because they fear maternal rejection says David Halperin's book How to be Gay. It's all too Freudean for Edmund White READ ON

The Beatles vs the Nerds: the Liverpool lads and American adolescence The hairstyles the Beatles wore .. were pageboys, and they all were clad in identical suits. They were wearing greaser-style shoes, which we would soon learn to call Beatles Boots ... All of the prudent and wise said the same: They look like girls! READ ON

Is Feminism back from its Backlash? Jack Halberstam and the end of gender 'We are living in a new world where the categories of male and female are rapidly being updated all around us'  READ ON

Vote at Sixteen? You can die for your country but not vote for who runs it? Gotta be wrong! READ ON

Reading Colour Blind? Zadie Smith on fiction that shakes readers assumptions about race READ ON

Who Closed the American Mind? Allan Bloom on cultural relativism and multiculturalism: American youth were increasingly raised to believe that nothing was True, that every belief was merely the expression of an opinion or preference READ ON
Automatism and the New Neuroscience Does an increased understanding of consciousness dissolve our sense of personal responsibility? READ ON

On growing up between genders: an essay in propositions [UPLOAD] 'What is the use of being a boy,' Gertrude Stein asked, 'if you are going to grow up to be a man?' READ ON

Gay Attachments. What is gay culture and is there even such a thing? READ ON

The Paradox of Pluck: How Historical Fiction Become the New Feminist History Accuracy, representation and balance in historical research and fiction writing READ ON
How to Read Žižek. The philosopher agrees that right-wing outbursts on immigration should be taken seriously but as symptoms of the disruptive contradictions of capitalism. READ ON

Camera, Action, No Make-up! As American hosts of 'The Talk' go in front of the camera without make-up, Joe Queenan suggests famous men should follow. READ ON

Pantone classification
Race is a complex subject, and an increasing number of artists are treating human hues like paint swatches to explore the depth that exists beyond black and white READ ON

Pictures from an 'Anti-Masonic' exhibition Under Milan Nedic's rule in Yugoslavia, the 'Grand Anti-Masonic Exhibition' (code for anti-semitic) opened in occupied Belgrade in 1941, funded by the Germans to promote hatred of the Jews READ ON

Women drapery and domestic camourflage Patty Carroll's photography has women draped to the point of claustrophobia. 'I am addressing the double edge of domesticity'. READ ON

The queering of Mike and Ike. The idyllic land of imaginary beings has been turned, by activists, into a battleground, where the cold war of identity politics is being waged READ ON

A degree of darkness: Goethe on colour and emotion. His most fascinating theories explore the psychological impact of different colors on mood and emotion, part prescient insights corroborated by hard science, and part purely delightful manifestations of the beauty of language. READ ON

Rousseau Youth and Identity: the Enlightenment philosopher 300 years on Rousseau is the explorer of that dark continent, the modern self. What matters to him is less objective truth than truth-to-self, that one's identity is uniquely precious, and that expressing it is a duty READ ON
Ethiopia Gets it Skates on [PHOTOS]  Berlin-based photographer Daniel Reiter snaps the skate scene on the streets of Addis Ababa VIEW

The Lives of Lana Del Rey [FILM] the controversial singer's new music video, Chelsea Hotel, charts a character's  smirkingly dismissive rise to fame VIEW

How Robot Interaction Changes Us [AUDIO] 
Sherry Turkle: 'Why are we at a point in our history when we would want to construct false relationships? Because when we construct robots, we are changing ourselves' PLAY

New York: Sentimental Journeys [AUDIO] Joan Didion reads from her 1991 essay  about the Central Park jogger rape case PLAY

Take Back your City with Paint [FILM] As mayor of Tirana, Albania, Edi Rama decreased crime BY instilling pride in his citizens, transforming public spaces with colorful designs READ ON

Why it Costs More to be a Woman [FILM] From salon treatments to wardrobe, women pay more for almost everything than their male counterparts VIEW

Crazy Love [FILM] Leslie Morgan Steiner: Why domestic violence victims don't leave VIEW

The Young Men Who Shocked Victorian England [PHOTOS]
Neil McKenna's latest book, Fanny and Stella, tells OF two young men who liked to dress as women VIEW

Bum Rap [FILM] Music labels cultivate images that conform to stereotypes of young, urban Black men VIEW

How Movies Teach Manhood [FILM]
Colin Stokes asks for more movies that send positive messages to boys: that cooperation is heroic, and respecting women is as manly as defeating the villain VIEW

Race 2012 [FILM]
documentary uses a political frame for a discussion on the history and politics of race in the United States VIEW

Tali Sharot: The Science of Optimism: [BOOK / FILM]
'Optimism starts with what may be the most extraordinary of human talents: mental time travel' READ ON

Rap Images and Bitch [FILM] Rap artist Lupe Fiasco addresses the issue of images in the media and how they are absorbed by children VIEW

Cultural Representation as a Practice of Domination [FILM] At 2:28 mark Keene (Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma) asks 'Who has the right to represent whom?' At 22:40 mark the host asks, as a practical matter, how one is to accurately and respectfully represent so many culturally distinct tribes. In her response, Keene denies the premise of the question, insisting on 'the right of the community to represent themselves' READ ON

Coupon's New York Punk Portraits [PHOTOS] William Coupon photographs of the Mudd Club’s thriving counterculture scene throughout the late 1970s VIEW

Before I Die ... [AUDIO] Neighbours share more than Public space. Artist Candy Chang asks hers what they'd do before they die READ ON

Why Being Online Means Staying Honest [FILM]
Jeff Hancock: The Future of Lying VIEW

Gender by Photoshop [IMAGES] The results of a gender-bending Photoshop contest surprise the viewer by causing gender trouble VIEW

High Trusters are the Least Gullible [FILM] Illusionist Derren Brown on the psychology of gullibility Appearance and reality: OU Boundaries philosophy series VIEW

Das Deutsche Mädel and girls[ARCHIVE] A magazine for German teenage girls in the Hitler Youth and related to art and 'volk' or back to the land. Here are front covers from 1936-1943 READ ON
Paul Zac at the Future of Storytelling summit [FILM] Zac director of the Center for Neuroeconomic Studies: 'Stories are powerful because they transport us into other people’s worlds but, in doing that, they change the way our brains work and potentially change our brain chemistry — and that’s what it means to be a social creature' VIEW

David Bowie and the Story of Ziggy Stardust [FILM] Narrated by Jarvis Cocker READ ON

Alain de Botton: Values Without Religion [FILM] 'In the quiet of our minds we believe in kindness and generosity' says Alain de Botton, 'but are these values actually active?' How we share human values without religion is the subject of the philosopher's new book, Religion for Atheists READ ON

Ina Jang takes omissions [PHOTOS] As an actor might break the fourth wall so Jang's fashion photography makes admissions to us READ ON

Race Trouble [REVIEW] race, identity, and inequality in post-apartheid South Africa READ ON

Tolerance that Swallows Itself [BOOK] The Intolerance of Tolerance by D. A. Carson READ ON

High Modernity with a Dustpan and Brush [BOOK] Servants: A Downstairs View of Twentieth-Century Britain by Lucy Lethbridge READ ON

But What if Something is Really There? [BOOK] The Science of Monsters by Matt Kaplan book review. Why do we believe in griffins and ghouls? A scientific history explains the hold they have on the human mind READ ON

Bad Girls and Moral Panic [BOOK] Girl Trouble by Carol Dyhouse, women READ ON

Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now [BOOK] Douglas Rushkoff: we are stuck with 'a diminishment of everything that isn’t happening right now — and the onslaught of everything that supposedly is'  READ ON

Moral Crusades in an Age of Mistrust [BOOK] the Jimmy Savile Scandal by Frank Furedi READ ON

Myths Behind the Age of Martyrs [BOOK] Candida Moss on her book The Myth of Persecution: How Early Christians Invented a Story of Martyrdom READ ON

Rituals, Pleasures and Politics of Cooperation [BOOK] Together, Richard Sennett: the case for a nice society READ ON 

Paternalism and Liberty [BOOK] Mill insists government cannot legitimately use coercion to protect people from themselves. Is he right? (Against Autonomy: Justifying Coercive Paternalism) READ ON

Inventing Marilyn [BOOKS] 'In her ambition, so Faustian, and in her ignorance of culture’s dimensions ... we can see the magnified mirror of ourselves, our exaggerated and now all but defeated generation' READ ON

Dangerous Women [BOOK] Book confronts the different views of men and women towards muses and femmes fatales READ ON

Suicide Watch [BOOK] No longer construed as a demonic temptation, suicide came instead to be viewed as a symptom of lunacy READ ON

The Uses Of Dissatisfaction [BOOK]
Adam Phillips on how we cope with not having what we desire, or not being who we want to be? READ ON

Beyond the Couch [BOOK] The Examined Life: How We Lose and Find Ourselves READ ON

Maximal Autonomy [BOOK] The illusion of free will is itself an illusion: when we introspect very carefully we find that we don't really believe what we think we believe about free will READ ON

How the French Invented Love [BOOK] courtly love with its refinement of male desire and female capacity for passion left its lasting mark on French culture

Songs of Innocence [BOOK] The Story of British Childhood By Fran Abrams  READ ON

Morality VS Religion? [BOOKS] Essential reading on what happens when religious dogma clashes with the morality it purports to uphold READ ON
What’s funny? [BOOK] Inside Jokes: we find things funny when our expectations are overturned READ ON

Mary Warnock on Godless Morality [BOOKS] READ ON

The Postwar Expulsions of Germans [BOOK] Philosophical and political questions about the validity of collective guilt and whether one can respond to evil with evil READ ON

What our Critical Vocabulary Says about our Time [BOOK] In 2005 Sianne Ngai published Ugly Feelings, a study of 'minor' states of feeling shaped by commercial culture e.g. envy and boredom and why these feelings are so natural to us nowadays. In her new book, Our Aesthetic Categories, she considers how those feelings help us form judgments about the aesthetic world, how we know to describe something as 'interesting' or adorable (or, worse yet, 'adorkable') READ ON
The Human Face of Big Data [BOOK] 'An information surplus – may soon define our lives'. Rick Smolan's book Book shows how data changes everything READ ON

I Want to Believe (My Eyes) [BOOK] Oliver Sacks: We create narratives to explain what we’ve seen, and when old-fashioned figures like devils and witches “are no longer believed in, new ones — aliens, visitations from ‘a previous life’ — take their place.” READ ON

My People(s) [BOOK] 'if every defined human group necessarily has, at any moment in its history, some ancestry from a variety of other collections of humans, how are we to delineate those groups and reconstruct their family histories?' READ ON

Bawer Bemoans Identity Studies? [BOOK] The chief objective of humanities is to recognise hegemonic power and use 'theory' to uncover its workings READ ON

Africa Fashion Photographs Conflict and Cliché [EXHIB] Dutch artist Viviane Sassen unmasks an Africa hidden behind conflict and cliché at the Huis Marseille museum Dec 15 to March 2 VIEW

The Cultural and Social History of the Fairy Tale [REVIEW] 'Fairy tales, like our own lives, were born out of conflict' says author Zipes READ ON

Men of Feathers: Mount Hagen Sing-sing [FILM] A courtship dance in Papua New Guinea where feathers of a bird of paradise are worn by men, mimicking the bird’s mating displays VIEW

The Folly of Fools: Deceit and Self-Deception [BOOK] False personal narratives, self-inflation ... is self-deception adaptive? READ ON

Cinema Self and Alienation: David Thomson claims the screen has detached us from reality [REVIEW] 'What is most important is the fact of the screen as something that separates us from reality. All along, I think, we have been watching screens, and it is only recently, with the profusion of electronic screens, some so small that people aged over 25 can't quite see them, that this has been appreciated' READ ON

Sex and Games: conflict and cooperation and gender [REVIEW] Paul Seabright argues that war of the sexes is a strategic game with the male 'wanting' to score at all costs, whereas the female 'knows' what is important is viable offspring. We are the descendants of those who happened to play the game exceptionally well READ ON

We hate everything! Johan Kugelberg and Jon Savage visualise the legacy of the punk aesthetic READ ON 

Keller and Wittwer: the performativity of advertising [EXHIB]
In I Knew Some of You Better Than Others, but I Miss You All, artists Keller and Wittwer confront their own bodies with images from advertising READ ON

Prabuddha Dasgupta 1956–2012 Indian photographer Prabuddha Dasgupta died recently. Here Geoff Dyer reviews her photographic series Longing READ ON

Full of Blood, Ev’ry Line a Vein: books and being [BOOK]  Long before neural implants, the iPad and the talking phone, there was the book. It, too, was described as a living, breathing entity READ ON

Cindy Sherman's One-Off Identities [EXHIB] [FILM] A retrospective at the SFMoMA READ ON / VIEW / VIEW