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- December 2012

Super Heroes 

Doctor Who @ 50

The C Word What has kick-started debates about women, popular culture and sexual submission? READ ON
C'mon C'mon Get Snappy The Nineties in fashion photography READ ON
Brand Sensorama We're after the real thing, yet sensory simulation means sensory stimulations READ ON
Age of Uncertainty Too young to vote but just where are the grown ups? READ ON
Vaginas - once worshipped - are now taboo In the light of Naomi Wolf's book, is it time to reclaim the 'C word'? READ ON
Naomi Wolf gets it out [PODCAST] READ ON [FILM] READ ON
Naomi Wolf Vagina reviews [BOOK] READ ON / READ ON

Put a Peephole in my Brain Why academia is hanging Bowie on the wall READ ON

David Bowie Changed My Life FBI-Spy oral history project findings READ ON
He's a Dodo?  No No! Reporting the Bowie Strange Fascination Symposium READ ON
Presentation to Presentation Delegate summaries from the Strange Fascination Symposium READ ON
Lady Stardust Notions of gender, truth and artifice in Bowie dress READ ON
Bowie Style Book review READ ON
Free Bowie Borg Badge READ ON

Out with the old .... The best dressed festive windows in London; An analysis of Chilean children’s letters to Santa;  An Offbeat History of Wrapping Paper;  A film on the last great feast in the British culinary tradition; Christmas Fever in China and Christmas in the Third Reich READ ON
And in with the new .... 2012 The Year in Style; 2012 Fashion Trends: from meggings to pajants; China and Fashion Future: movers and models; Sequins are for More Than New Year’s Eve (a history) and 10 Things That Mattered in Harajuku Street Fashion in 2012 READ ON

The Armored Knight: Batman, Costume and Cinema READ ON

Rendering The Man of Steel: Superman’s Body and and Hegemonic Masculinity READ ON
Designing for Duality: Costume, Clark Kent and Superman READ ON

Marvel to Melodrama: Superheroes and Issues of Power and Identity READ ON

The Unsuspecting Hero: Humanity in Neil Gaiman's The Sandman READ ON 

Must All Things Die? Black Jack as Everyday Hero READ ON

Avengers Assemble, Titans Together! Your Utility Belt of Superhero Brainpickery READ ON